Nora Research

Flora Wellesley Wesley in rehearsal, 2015. Photo Camilla Greenwell.

Flora Wellesley Wesley in rehearsal, 2015. Photo Camilla Greenwell.

2018 onwards

After enjoying their period of research in 2016-17, Nora wants to continue the conversations that they started about dancing, dancers, how performers can have agency, dancer-led curation, dancer-led conversation... any many more things. They hope to find a simple way to amplify the voice and experience of dancers because they think that power dynamics, employment structures and gender/race/body politics (amongst other things), often mean that dancers are not heard.

They have decided to create a series of short films which will be documented conversations between dancers, about and around their experience of being a dancer. 

Also visit for ongoing video and text blogs documenting Nora's research.


Between October 2016 and June 2017, Nora had a funded period of research during which they visited performance festivals, interviewed artists, met curators and spent time together in the studio. During their research, they were investigating creative processes, alternative dance ‘company’ models and the agency and responsibility that come with curating, casting and collaborating. The motivation for this research was to expand their knowledge and reference base and, ultimately, find new collaborators and curate a new programme of work.

A central part of their research was their series of Nora Talks, inviting those present to join the conversation, making dialogue an integral part of their exploration.