Illustration by Eleanor Sikorski

Illustration by Eleanor Sikorski

Nora Reels

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Nora Reels is a series of films produced by Nora. They are inviting dancers to chat about dance and are documenting the conversations. The aim is to amplify the voices of dancers as they reflect on personal and professional experiences. 

Dancing can be wonderful. It can also be complicated. What does it mean to be directed? What do you think about when you’re dancing? Does dancing transform or change you? And does it matter? What relationships are formed through dancing?  If you are working freelance, how does it feel to move or switch between different projects? 

Gender, race, body politics, power structures and employment dynamics (amongst other things) mean that dancers are often not listened to. Their wellbeing is too often ignored, even though their mental health is pivotal to the health of the whole industry.