BLOODY NORA! by Liz Aggiss

Concept, Writing, Choreography & Direction: Liz Aggiss 
Costumes: Holly Murray
Music: Richard Strauss Also Sprach Zarathustraplayed by Portsmouth Sinfonia; Dead Belgian (by kind permission) Mazurka Limouson and Ne Me Quitte Pas; Johan Sebastian Bach Sheep May Safely Graze(Extract) and Prelude No. 5 in D; Alan Boorman/Wevie Hornpipe


Photo: Camilla Greenwell

Inspired and framed by clippings, off cuts, personal history, archives and assorted individuals: Malvina McGuire, Niddy Impekoven, Max Wall, Hilde Holger, an enthusiastic sock seller in Singapore and domestic drivel, BLOODY NORA! is a story of competitiveness, hormones and friendship. This is where shit tricks become cheap laughs, and a Bach is worse that its bite. 

Photo: Joe Murray

Liz Aggiss

Aggiss is an un-disciplined artist with an un-disciplined body of work. This does not mean she is undisciplined. Au contraire. She is exceptionally disciplined. Dodging categorization and being classified as unclassifiable, has been a full time job. Born on Nanny Goats Common, Dagenham, Essex, a post war baby, into a repressive era in the suburbs, where parents were truly in charge and children were seen and not heard, Liz Aggiss never had a clue who she was or what she wanted to do, she just knew she would like to be seen and heard. After cantering into the sunset, as soon as was decently possible, she accidentally stumbled into the arts and started moving in a mysterious manner and shouting………rather a lot. Liz Aggiss has been described as: maverick, challenging, anarchic, indomitable uncompromising, subversive, fearless, funny, powerfully disturbing yet vulnerable. Liz Aggiss simply says…..I am lizaggiss.